PlayStation Users can Download a ‘True Masterpiece’ for Free Right Now

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With the most recent round of free games, PlayStation Plus members are in good shape, involving one 2021 release that many consider to be a “true masterpiece.”

For users on the Additional and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus, there are currently so many genuinely amazing games available. Earlier this week, PlayStation released another sizable list of totally no-cost games for PlayStation Plus Additional subscribers, totaling over 650 hours of playtime.

PlayStation Plus

It can be a little difficult to decide which game to play first because there are so many of them, but It Takes Two, winner of Game of the Year 2021, immediately caught our attention.

It Takes Two is an intriguing game because a second player is required to play, which truly makes it a unique experience. Even though my wife doesn’t typically spend her evenings playing video games, I found myself playing the game with her.

However, playing It Takes Two and discovering how to cooperate for overcoming the game’s various challenges was a complete joy.

“Finally. My waiting to purchase It Utilises Two has finally paid off,” a Reddit user wrote.

Another person concurred: “I think it’s a masterpiece. The acting is outstanding, the story is engaging, and the gameplay is superb. We both played through it twice: me and my wife. The most effective couch co-op story game is this one.

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