How to Play Fall Guys on Pc. How to download Fall Guys. Fall guys and Among us are the hottest games around in 2020. Due to People being in their home and nothing to play around these new games have created a havoc around them.

Fall guys is a battle royale game, where you and 99 other players play together to win top no 1 Spot. You have to play certain tasks or rounds where you race or compete to get most points. After certain round when the players are in top 10. After that we get the Final round where no 1 players wins the game.

Fall guys on Pc How to Download

You can’t play it in Teams it’s a Solo game. But you can play with your friends to compete each other for no 1 Spot. Your character is Blob who can jump and hold on to things or climb up. You can also grab others and push people off. Certain rounds have sky platform where you can push people off to eliminate them from the Round.

How to Download Fall Guys on Pc

Download Steam on Pc to download this Game. You need to buy this game in order to play. As it is a Multiplayer Game you can’t really use other illegal methods to play this Game. They are not gonna work. So if you want to play the game you need to Buy it for 19.99$.

Some Game modes


  • Race
    • Dizzy Heights
    • Hit Parade
    • See Saw
    • Door Dash
    • Gate Crash
    • Tip Toe
    • The Whirlygig
    • Slime Climb
    • Fruit Chute
  • Survival
    • Jump Club
    • Roll Out
    • Block Party
    • Perfect Match
    • Tail Tag
  • Team
    • Egg Scramble
    • Rock ‘N’ Roll
    • Fall Ball
    • Team Tail Tag
    • Jinxed
    • Hoopsie Daisy
    • Hoarders
  • Final

In one game 7-8 of the mini games get choosen randomly to play. One of them always is a Team Game. Some games are based on Elimination or top Qualifications in a round. Similarly other games are based on point basis where the top players or teams get Qualified.



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