Where To Find Parenting Books From Holly Hatchery/Retail Row

In Fortnite currently, we are in Week7 of Chapter2 Season7 with lots of new legendary quests. These quests will be useful to unlock more styles for the Kymera battle pass skins. From all these quests of Week7 collecting Parenting Books from Holy Hedges or Retail Row is unique. In this article, I will be sharing the locations of the parenting books so that you can find them easily.

Where To Find Parenting Books From Holly Hatchery/Retail Row

According to my assumption, there is a total of 7 locations in the game where you can collect Parenting Books in Fortnite. Let’s have a look at all the locations. Out of 7 at least 3 locations are available at Holly Hatchery whereas 4 are at Retails Row.

Parenting Books Locations at Holly Hatchery

Location 1In the tallest house on the east
Location 2Move north to the above location, a house with double garage container on right side you will find more Parenting Books
Location 3Go into the yellow house, ASA you open the door it will be available

Parenting Books Locations at Retails Row

Location 1In the blue house on the left on the north-west side of Retail Row
Location 2From the above location, more books are available in the caged area
Location 3On the opposite to Taco Shop, another book is available
Location 4The last book is available inside Book Mcguffin on the middle floor near the till

These are all the major locations of Parenting Books. We have only these 7 locations, but there is a chance it can be found more. If we are getting more locations it will be updated here so you can bookmark this page for future updates.

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