Outriders: The best Solo class

In this article, we are going to tell you guys about the Outriders: The best Solo class in the game-play. First of all, we want to tell you that there are four classes in Outriders, with each of them featuring its own unique utilities, abilities, and skills.

Outriders: The best Solo class
Outriders: The best Solo class

The four classes are:

  • Pyromancer – Ideal for mid-range combat
  • Devastator – Ideal for close-range combat
  • Technomancer – Ideal for long-range combat
  • Trickster – Ideal for close-range high-pace combat

The Devastator is by far the best class available in Outriders for new players to select. As well as after a couple of rounds in the game, there is no doubt about the strongest solo class in Outriders. Additionally, the Devastator class also heals the player for 24% of their maximum health points for every close-range kill they earn in the game. Apart from being able to deal massive bursts of damage in close-range combat, the Devastator class also presents a great deal of sustainability in the game.

The Devastator class

Initially, every class is equipped with one skill, with each extra skill being unlocked at a specific level. Each class in Outriders features eight unique skills that can be unlocked as the class level increases. Here are the skills of a Devastator class character in Outriders, as well as the levels at which they are unlocked:

  1. Endless Mass – Unlocked at level 22.
  2. Tremor – Unlocked at level 13
  3. Earthquake – Unlocked at level 1
  4. Gravity Leap – Unlocked at level 4
  5. Reflect Bullets – Unlocked at level 6
  6. Golem – Unlocked at level 3
  7. Impale – Unlocked at level 9
  8. Lastly, Boulderdash – Unlocked at level 17

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