NUMBER Joins Forces with Global Esports for BGMS 2023: Elevating Gaming Experience

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In a groundbreaking move that underlines the surging influence of esports in India, Global Esports has announced a pivotal partnership with NUMBER for the highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile: India (BGMI) tournament, BGMS 2023. This strategic collaboration between the prominent esports organization and the innovative Indian brand of smartwatches and wireless earbuds is set to redefine the gaming experience for players and fans alike.

Global Esports

Global Esports: A Powerhouse in the Indian Esports Arena

Global Esports has long held a commanding presence in India’s esports landscape. The organization boasts an impressive roster of teams competing across various titles including BGMI, VALORANT, CS:GO, and PUBG: Battlegrounds. The standout among these is the BGMI team, which has secured its position as a top contender in the esports arena. Notably, Global Esports clinched victory in the previous season of the BGMS, triumphing over stalwart opponents like GodLike Esports and Orangutan.

BGMS 2023: An Arena of Excellence and Excitement

The BGMS 2023 tournament stands as a beacon of competitive spirit, featuring an assembly of 24 accomplished Indian teams vying for a substantial prize pool of $250,000 (~£197,000). Organized by the esteemed Indian company NODWIN Gaming, the tournament is slated to unfold throughout the month of August. The intense battles and exhilarating matchups anticipated in this championship will undoubtedly captivate the hearts of esports enthusiasts and solidify BGMI’s stature as a premier competitive game.

NUMBER: Pioneering Gaming Innovation

The advent of smart technology has sparked an evolution in the gaming realm, and NUMBER has been at the forefront of this revolution since its inception in 2019. Known for its range of smartwatches and wireless earbuds, the brand has recently introduced the Number Super Buds Pro lineup, a collection of gaming-centric true wireless earbuds. This dynamic product launch coincides with the eagerly awaited return of BGMI to India’s gaming scene, setting the stage for NUMBER’s entry into the esports realm.

A New Frontier for NUMBER: Venturing into Esports

The partnership with Global Esports marks a significant milestone for NUMBER, as it ventures into the world of esports for the very first time. By aligning with a prominent esports organization like Global Esports, NUMBER is showcasing its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience through cutting-edge audio accessories. This synergy of gaming prowess and technological innovation promises to elevate the immersion and intensity of esports competitions, fostering an environment conducive to breakthrough performances.

A Short but Impactful Partnership

Intriguingly, Global Esports has revealed that the focus of this partnership will be centered on the upcoming BGMS 2023 tournament. While specific details about the collaboration’s future trajectory remain under wraps, it’s evident that both entities are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience during the championship. With the second season of BGMS slated to conclude on August 27th, 2023, the partnership’s duration might be succinct. Nonetheless, the impact it leaves on the esports and gaming communities is bound to reverberate long after the tournament’s final clash.

A Vision for the Future: Enriching the Esports Landscape

Jigar Mehta, the visionary CEO & Founder of NUMBER, shared his insights on this pioneering partnership, stating, “At NUMBER, our objective is to provide gamers with the best-in-class gaming audio accessories so that they may start their journey in esports with the right equipment. Esports is a strongly growing community in India and we strive to support this growth with our new and first-of-its-kind partnership with Global Esports. We are thrilled to partner with a leading organisation such as Global Esports who are also the winners of BGMS 2022.”

As the battlegrounds of BGMI witness the convergence of gaming excellence and technological innovation, the partnership between Global Esports and NUMBER promises to shape the future of esports in India. With the BGMS 2023 championship underway, players and fans can look forward to a heightened gaming experience that is redefining the very essence of competition.

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