New MacBooks with the M1 chip

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This was related to those users who want to buy a chip for them, Apple Company has introduces its own M1 chip which was run on the MacBooks and the new Mac Mini. While this new chip has come with the boasts of better performance. MacBooks with the M1 chip

MacBooks with the M1 chip
MacBooks with the M1 chip

Thermal efficiency and along with that it has come with good battery life.

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This would be a great idea to buy this new MacBook Air or pro with this new M1 chip, this was because you can get the best experience with this chip this was claimed by the company. With the performance of this chip.

You are able to get new macOS apps that are compatible with Apple’s new chip.

Microsoft, Adobe, and other big software players will release M1 chip compatible macOS apps but it is too early to comment about the actual performance of these apps. The highlight which the users took to Reddit that the Bluetooth issues with the MacMini.

These were the highly updated features coming from the chip. 

So, if you are excited and understand the work of this new M1 chip.

It has to take some time for Apple. And the developers also to join hands together to unleash the true potential of M1 chips. There’s another issue at hand. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with M1 chip are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues.

The users of this device get having some trouble with this while connecting their Bluetooth device with the new Mac. However, using the third-party Bluetooth devices it may be a trouble at this point of time.  

Along with this even Apple’s own keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, and the Airpods are facing trouble sometimes, which was very disturbing for the users. It has to face some connectivity issues; Apple is yet to acknowledge this.

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