New Kasa mod brings voice chat in Among Us

This post is regarding the information of the New Kasa mod brings voice chat in Among Us game-play, the players who play this game would surely like this post as well as they get the information also about the new updates.

New Kasa mod brings voice chat in Among Us

What is Kasa mod?

The Among Us Kasa mod is a communications client and matchmaker that syncs up with the user’s selected Among Us server. Through the Kasa mod, players can search for specific games, such as hide-and-seek or one of the other fan-created game modes. Once the user creates their profile and name, they can use the client to host or find games. Meteo, the team leader behind the Kasa mod, also mentioned that the team hopes to integrate other popular mods. Players who have had to scour through the Among Us community’s to the New Kasa mod brings voice chat in Among Us

Various discord groups or other community hubs should also give this mod a shot.

How to use Kasa mod

The most important part is that the player gives Kasa the name they want to use for Among Us. To play, the user must first set up a basic account with Kasa. Once the Kasa mod has been downloaded on the appropriate iOS or Android device.

Players can immediately use the mod’s quick match to find active games of Among Us. The mod will host or locate a game that the player can then join through any Among Us client.

Even through PC. Because of the way the mod works, players on the app must have a unique name. The app will inform them if a name has been taken. Once their name has been selected, they can host or join a game as desired. So long as the name they join on is the same as the name used on the app.

The app will sync up and join the game’s voice chat. When hosting a game of Among Us through the app, players can even specify which game mode they want to play.



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