Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 in COD Mobile

The long-awaited Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 is finally here, and Call of Duty Mobile players are loving it. Along with this, Activision also released the Nuketown Russia map for the featured and ranked multiplayer modes.  A 20 MB update was issued by Activision, which brought the new Mythic weapon, along with one of the best-looking Operators. Firebreak – Magmageddon is the Epic Operator that gamers can acquire from the Magma Eruption Mythic Draw. Peacekeeper MK2 in COD.

 Peacekeeper MK2 in COD
Peacekeeper MK2 in COD

Data miner David Leslie posted an entire breakdown of the Magma Eruption Mythic Drop.

And here is what players can expect.

The Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 will have the following upgrade levels with unlockable cosmetic inclusions: 

Tier 0 – Built-in Silence Barrel, Marathon Stock, Firm Grip Tape, Foregrip, Aim Assist Laser (Note – Players will get this as the base version of the Mythic Peacekeeper MK2)

The Tier 1 – Overheat Sticker

Tier 2 – Energy Sphere unique muzzle flash

The Tier 3 – Death Eater kill effect

Tier 4 – Agency Suppressor, 3x Tactical Scope 2, Agile Stock, Patrol Foregrip, Well-forged Barrel, and Long-ranged Barrel

The Tier 5 – Charm – Vestige 

Tier 6 – Energy Space Muzzle Flash

The Tier 7 – Enchanted Kill effect

Tier 8 – No Stock, Rustle Grip Tape, 1mW Steady Aim Laser, Task Force Barrel, Rapid Fire Barrel, and the Double Stack Magazine

The Peacekeeper MK2 has been exceedingly successful since its release in Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile. Players can find the weapon in Epic and Rare variants on both battle royale maps.

Similarly, players purchasing the Magma Eruption Mythic Drop will automatically pick up the Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 from the floor loot if they unlock the gun.

The lucky draw also introduced a new cosmetic set, which might be added to the game in future Redux Lucky Draws. The Hephaestus cosmetic set looks like a refashioned version of old and new technology.



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