Most subscribed YouTube channels for GTA 5/Online

This post has contains the material of all the top subscribed channels on YouTube by the GTA Online players, as there are many players who like to watch all the things related to the game-play whether it was a match or any update. Most subscribed YouTube channels for GTA

Most subscribed YouTube channels
Most subscribed YouTube channels

GTA Series Videos

If players have spent any time in either GTA Online or Story Mode, they have probably run into trouble regarding a particular section or mission. The channel has an extensive collection of videos that have pretty much covered everything to play in GTA 5. As well as chances are they’ve always referred to videos from GTA Series Videos for guidance and walkthroughs. For the longest time.

GTASeriesVideos has been the primary source for help and to check out new content if players cannot experience it themselves. It is a goldmine for all sorts of guides and walkthroughs that players stuck in a rut will surely appreciate.

Subscribers: 3.15M                    


His output is second to none, making him one of the most active Grand Theft Auto channels on the platform. Most of his videos have to do with playing GTA Online and clips from his streams on Twitch. His commentary makes for some of the funniest GTA content on YouTube. DaniRep is one of the most famous Spanish GTA content creators and has steadily been putting out content since he was 16. After dropping out of high school to pursue YouTube as a full-time career.

DaniRep has been able to amass quite the audience and has been able to grow his channel quite well.

Subscribers: 11M


His unique sense of humor and charm have made him a favorite of the community, and his GTA RP content is some of the funniest that fans can watch.

With the arrival of the mega-successful GTA RP.

Anas began creating content around it and frequently collaborated with other popular creators such as Azarnn and MrRemx. Anas, better known by his pseudonym Le Bled’Art, represents the universal appeal of a game like GTA 5.

Subscribers: 4.63M


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