Most dangerous drop locations on Free Fire in Bermuda Map?

Hello friends here in this article we are going to tell you about the Most dangerous drop locations on Free Fire in Bermuda Map? so let us start and let us get to know.

locations on Free Fire in Bermuda
locations on Free Fire in Bermuda


The Mill is a place that is scarce in loot but oversees many teams landing for early fights. It is located at the northeastern edge of the map, surrounded by rocky mountains and a large waterbody. It is a very small place and is ideal for short and intense fights but is risky for beginners or passive players who tend to avoid fights.


The Peak has consistently been one of the most popular hot drops since the release of the game. The area is located on an elevated plateau, consisting of two or three compounds with a decent amount of loot. Being at the center of the map, this location attracts most of the crowd and hosts most of the early fights.

Clock Tower

The infamous Clock Tower is currently the most crowded hot drop on Free Fire’s Bermuda map. Clock Tower, located on the western side of the Bermuda map, is also close to two other hot drop locations Bimasakti Strip and Factory. The crowd level in this area is high fighting and players who are pushing ranks are strictly recommended not to land here.

Mars Electric

Mars Electric is located at the southern edge of the Bermuda map. It is a very large area that offers a large amount of loot to players. Though the place is not always crowded, it often features a lot of early fights. It is one of the riskiest locations on the Bermuda map as it is isolated from the rest of the map. Once players engage in a fight, it is difficult to escape the area without finishing the fight.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1 How do you get a Bermuda token in free fire?

these are the steps to get Bermuda token in free fire?

  • The first step is to get into the in-game store of Free Fire Store
  • Now go to the Crates option.
  • Here you will need to select the Elite Duo Bundle 
  • Now click on purchase.
  • Topping up with enough diamonds will be necessary for opening at least a few cases.
  • The hardest part now will be to keep opening as many cases as you can.
  • Once you obtain the required number of Prestige Tokens that you need, just stop opening cases and redeem these for either of the two outfits.
  • One thing to note is that opening one Prestige Box will cost a total of 25 diamonds.

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