Minecraft’s dumbest mobs

Almost every mob serves a purpose, with some being more important than others. These mobs seem to be there for decorative purposes more than anything else. Sometimes, they don’t even drop experience when killed. Some Minecraft mobs are definitely more intelligent than the rest. However, there are quite a few mobs that could be erased from Minecraft, and no one would notice that they’re in the game-play. Minecraft’s dumbest mobs

Minecraft’s dumbest mobs


They are quite annoying. Slimes are basically the Russian nesting dolls of Minecraft. Slimes are hostile mobs that can be found in swamps or deep in caves. If a player finds a large slime and wants slime balls, they have to kill many different slimes as the large slime splits into smaller slimes each time they are killed.


The Silverfish are usually near strongholds, which makes finding the end portal even more challenging than it already is. Silverfish are hostile mobs spawned by players mining stone blocks that contain them. These mobs are also extremely tiny.


There are a few good things about zombies. Zombies are slow and hostile creatures. Their only purpose is to attack players. However, they also drop rotten flesh, and no one wants rotten flesh. They’re easy to kill and drop experience.


Bats are found in caves in Minecraft. If a player kills a bat, no items or experience will be dropped. They are probably the dumbest mob in the game. They are only in the game for cosmetic purposes. Bats are known to fly willingly to their death, often flying right into lava. Bats also serve no purpose.


Squids are also known for washing themselves up onto land and suffocating. These mobs drop ink sacs when killed. Squids are passive mobs that can be found underwater. They do not serve a purpose. It can’t get dumber than that.

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