Minecraft: Uses of Pufferfish

This post was regarding Minecraft: Uses of Pufferfish, Pufferfish are one of the funniest-looking mobs in Minecraft. They would be shocked to find out how many uses they actually have in Minecraft. Many players who catch Pufferfish are unsure about what to do with them. 

Minecraft: Uses of Pufferfish

Fish in Bucket

The pufferfish will then be included in a water source block. Many players are unaware that they can scoop a Pufferfish into a bucket. When they successfully catch it, the player will see the message – “Bucket of Pufferfish” – appear on the screen.  Pufferfish will spawn in groups of 1-4 in warm, lukewarm, or deep lukewarm ocean biomes. While a player can swim up a Pufferfish and use a bucket on it.


Eating a Pufferfish is extremely dangerous, inflicting the player with Hunger III for 15 seconds, Poison IV for one minute, and Nausea I for 15 seconds. As well as if players are looking for a way to die in Minecraft, eating a Pufferfish is a great option.


In Java Edition, they will only buy four pufferfish for one emerald. Master-level fisherman villagers will buy the players’ Pufferfish for emeralds. In Bedrock Edition, fishermen will buy one to four Pufferfish for one emerald.

Wolf Feeding

This is good news for players who don’t want to “waste” their precious food on their wolves. However, it will not decrease growing rates for baby wolves. In Bedrock Edition, players can use their leftover Pufferfish to feed their wolf pups. Feeding a Pufferfish to a wolf will heal it if it is damaged.


In addition to this, pufferfish will decrease the time it takes for baby cats to grow into adults. Many players will be pleased to know that giving their cat a Pufferfish will make them hop off of their chests, beds, etc.

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