Minecraft: Uses of Obsidian

In this article we are going to tell you guys about Minecraft: Uses of Obsidian, in the game-play. Obsidian has many uses in Minecraft that can benefit the player on their journey through the game world. Obsidian is one of the most annoying blocks to mine in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Uses of Obsidian

Wither Containment

Players can do as much damage as possible until it escapes, after which they can shoot it with a strong bow. Players who are struggling to defeat the Wither may want to build a containment area out of Obsidian. While it does require a good amount of Obsidian; this area will negate the large initial explosion of the Wither.

 Enchantment Table

Enchantment Tables only require four Obsidian and allow players to enchant their favorite gear. The Enchantment Tables are, by far, the best use of Obsidian. Enchanting provides bonuses such as extra damage, extra loot drops, and higher knockback. Players will surely find these enchantments useful throughout their playthroughs.

Ender Chest

This allows players to store valuable items in Ender Chests and access them easily as long as they have a chest on hand. Ender Chests are a great use of Obsidian. However, they require eight per chest, which means players, will need 16 in total for them to be useful. Ender Chests will each have the same inventory, even in different dimensions.


Does the players break the Obsidian?

Yes, the players are able to break the Obsidian, as it takes  250 seconds to break an obsidian block by hand. As well as it takes 21.85-125 seconds to break it with a pickaxe weaker than diamond.

Things which can be build by Obsidian?

  • Virtually indestructible structures
  • Nether portals
  • Enchantment tables

What is the use of crying Obsidian?

The crying Obsidian was use to create portals into The Nether, this was a new block that will be introduced in the Nether Update. 

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