Minecraft: Uses for wheat

This post was about the Minecraft: Uses for wheat in the game-play for the players. As the players were already known that the farms would grow bigger and bigger until they could singlehandedly sustain players. In the very early days of Minecraft, farmers and players would collect tall grass from the plains biome, and plant it in their small farms.

Minecraft: Uses for wheat


Wheat is also very useful to farm animals. The wheat crop itself can be fed to cows and sheep to breed them, and lead them into stables. This is how players can grow their farm animal population rather quickly for items like wool, eggs, milk, leather, and meat.

Wheat seeds can be used to lead chicken into fenced-in areas, and when fed to the chicken, it will help breed them.


Players have been known to get emeralds from even novice farmer villagers. The other use of wheat is trading with villagers. Players would be surprised and amazed with what kinds of trades they could get for some wheat.

Decoration and hay bales

This can really help liven up a build. Wheat can be a very nice decoration, especially in farm-themed builds like barns, farms, and medieval castles. Players can also use the wheat farms themselves as decorations. Players can craft hay bales from wheat, and place them around their build to add some color. Wheat farms have an array of colors including brown, green, orange, and yellow. These wheat farms can actually be quite pretty with the right Minecraft shaders.


Raising the compost level is essential for players to collect bone meals. Composting is a niche block in Minecraft. Players can use plants and food to make a bone meal. When players compost wheat, there is a 65% chance that the level of the composter will get raised by one level.

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