Minecraft: Uses for bonemeal

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Minecraft: Uses for bonemeal


In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can use bonemeal directly to dye their items white. Bonemeal can be used as a dye in every edition of Minecraft, although the dye mechanics work slightly differently depending on which version the player has. It can be used to create countless wool colors including gray, light blue, lime, magenta, and pink dyes. The player must craft the bonemeal into white dye before applying it to items like wool, sheep, or beds. While in Minecraft Java Edition, players cannot use bonemeal directly as a dye. White dye is very useful for getting different colors in Minecraft.

Bonemeal block

The Bonemeal blocks are also used as decorative blocks. Bonemeal is similar to coal and iron in the way that nine of them can be crafted into a bonemeal block. As well as the best part about using bonemeal blocks as decoration is that if turned on their side they have a circle pattern, to resemble regular bones. While Bonemeal blocks can be broken to obtain the same nine bonemeals.

This means if players have an excess of bonemeal, they may want to store their bonemeal in block form in their chests.


Players can place bonemeal on almost any grass block, tree.

Or plant and expect it to grow within a short time. Bonemeal can take a few tries to grow certain plants like trees; however, most of the time it grows vegetation on grass blocks within a few seconds. As well as Bonemeal is most commonly known for growing trees and plants.

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