Minecraft: Uses for Blaze Rods

The players of Minecraft game-play have looked at the upcoming changes in the game, as in this post we are going to tell you about the Minecraft: Uses for Blaze Rods. As it is always a hassle when players find out they need Blaze Rods and have to make the long trip to the Nether Fortress to kill some Blazes. The game allows players to craft some of the best items and blocks in the game.

Minecraft: Uses for Blaze Rods

Magma Block

Magma Blocks have tons of great uses, such as a water elevator, underwater oxygen supply, and a sizeable trolling potential. Again, while crafted with Blaze Powder, Magma Blocks still count as Blaze Rods don’t have many direct uses.

Blaze Powder

Of course, Blaze Powder has to take the second spot. Since most of the essential uses for Blaze Rods require Blaze Powder to be crafted.

There’s no doubt that the former is the best use for Blaze Rods. Besides End Rods, the Brewing Stand, or being used as Fuel, Blaze Powder is the only good use for Blaze Rods. While this may be a letdown for some, it is technically true.

Eye of Ender

They are necessary for players to find the Stronghold and to fight the Ender Dragon, which most players should strive for during their Minecraft playthroughs. Eye of Enders are undoubtedly one of the most valuable items that can be crafted with blaze rods. Specifically, Eye of Enders is crafted with one Blaze Powder and one Ender Pearl.

Brewing Stand

To effectively fight the Ender Dragon or The Wither, players are highly recommended to use the Brewing Stand to brew up multiple types of potions. They are also advised to have a Cauldron next to their stand for efficient brewing. Brewing Stands are crucial for late-game Minecraft adventures.

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