Minecraft: Topmost useful blocks

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Minecraft: Topmost useful blocks

Minecraft: Topmost useful blocks


Obsidian also has one of the highest blast resistance blocks in Minecraft. Every Minecraft player needs obsidian to enter the nether realm. Gamers need at least ten obsidian blocks to create a nether portal. Without obsidian, players would not be able to access nether-exclusive blocks and mobs. In the nether realm, players travel much faster compared to the overworld. [One block distance in nether = Eight block distance in overworld]

Crafting Table

A crafting table is a utility block that lets players access a 3*3 grid for crafting in Minecraft. Almost all Minecraft players interact with a crafting table every day. The crafting table is the most useful block in Minecraft. It is one of the first things player craft when they start a survival world. Without a crafting table, players cannot craft any other blocks, such as a furnace or chest. Players can craft a crafting bench by using four planks of any wood type.

Ender Chest

An ender chest has 27 storage spaces. Ender Chest is like a cloud storage system but in Minecraft. Players can store their items in the ender chest and carry them everywhere. Players can fill these spaces with shulker boxes and increase the ender chest’s carrying capacity to 27*27 slots, which is an enormous carrying capacity.


Chests are an essential block used by every player in Minecraft. Chests are one of the oldest yet most useful blocks in Minecraft. Players use chests to store various items and blocks. Single chests can be turned into double chests by adding one chest to the side of the other. Double chests can store 60 stacks of items. They can also be attached to llamas, donkeys and mules. In a single chest, players can store up to 30 stacks of items.

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