Minecraft: Top astoundingly broken seeds

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Minecraft: Top astoundingly broken seeds

Jungle Temple in the Sky

Jungle temples do not typically spawn like the one in this Minecraft seed. The Jungle Temple in this Minecraft seed looks like it is balanced precariously on a few trees, which should really not be able to support the weight of the structure. Despite being a remarkably broken generation, this jungle temple can still be explored and plundered for its riches.

Cords: -388, 71, 750

Seed: -2075578213

Platform: Bedrock

Village destroyed by a massive Ruined Portal

The villagers who call this Minecraft village their home really experienced some bad luck. This is an unbelievably broken generation and one that players should really check out and explore for themselves. A massive ruined portal being in the middle of a village is strange enough, but this portal also has a house right in the middle of it.

Seed: 705473037

Cords: 143, 64, 79

Platform: Bedrock

Ruined Portal Underwater

Instead of being on a surface or close to a Minecraft village, the ruined portal in this seed can be found at the bottom of the ocean. This generation is not very convenient for players, but it certainly is unique and quite broken. A portion of water breathing would likely come in handy for players who decide to take a dive and explore this underwater portal.

Cords: 3541, 34, 43

Seed: -255552462

Platform: Bedrock

 Pillager Outpost clipped with a Woodland Mansion

The pillager outpost in this Minecraft seed can be found merged together with the corner of a woodland mansion, clipping into the interior. With both a pillager outpost and woodland mansion combined, players should tread with caution because the number of illager mobs in the area will likely double.

Cords: 3061, 80, 8189

Seed: -1999508211

Platform: Bedrock

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