Minecraft: Tips to stylize your house

The key is to stylize and decorate the build. Each player has a different idea of what they want in a build, and there are many methods of stylizing builds besides the ones described in this article. In this post, we are going to tell you that Minecraft: Tips to stylize your house

Minecraft: Tips to stylize your house

Build with other Minecraft players

Building with friends and other players is a great way to learn different styles. Minecraft was created with a multiplayer option for a reason. It’s also fun. It keeps the player’s building skills fresh and can give inspiration when lacking.

Add some imperfections

In reality, this makes a player’s base feel unrealistic or static. Adding a windowsill on one side and a deck on the other is a great way to shift the focus of the build and add some asymmetry. A big mistake beginner players make when building a house is trying to make everything symmetrical.


This can be done rather simply such as protruding a wooden frame one block out rather than in line with the wall. Similar to clothing and fashion, layering your builds is one of the easiest ways to appeal to the eye.

Small details

Small details can be anything from adding a stone base to adding leaves to the side of a house. For example, adding trapdoors at the top of windows can add a lot of needed dimensions to builds. Some really useful materials to use when decorating houses are ladders, trapdoors, buttons, leaves, vines, and slabs. This can open up the feel of the house, and incorporate the indoors with the outdoors. Another detail to consider including is an open glass pane window design. One lovely detail to include is leaves cascading down the side of the wall.

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