Minecraft: Sweet Berries in the game

Sweet Berries are the only food in Minecraft that grows on a bush. They will also regrow on the same bush if players do not destroy it. This post was about Minecraft: Sweet Berries in the game. While not the greatest in terms of saturation, they can be a lifesaver for players who have just begun in a new game world. This makes them a regular food source if the bush is placed in an accessible spot.  They will also regrow on the same bush if players do not destroy it. 

Minecraft: Sweet Berries in the game


The main function of the Sweet Berry is to be used as a food. Having said that, the two hunger points are quite useful if the player has no other food source and needs to regain health quickly. Unfortunately, while it provides two points on the hunger bar, the saturation is quite abysmal, at a rate of 0.4.


Each Taiga biome chunk has a 1/12 chance of spawning a Sweet Berry bush. Sweet Berry bushes are commonly found in all variants of the Taiga biome, including the Snowy Taiga variants. Sweet Berries can also be found inside Taiga Villages, especially inside of the normal house chests.


Most players will feel Sweet Berry bushes before they see them, as they will hurt the player once stepped on. Sweet Berry bushes can be grown in a one-block tall area as long as the block above it is transparent. The bush has three other stages but will only provide fruit in the last two stages. The bushes will also hurt most mobs (shown above). If the player uses a Sweet Berry on grass, dirt, podzol, coarse dirt or farmland, it will create a bush in its first stage.

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