Minecraft: most forgotten features

This article was about Minecraft: most forgotten features in the game-play, of you, are also a player of Minecraft. Then I’m sure you will definitely like and love this article.

Minecraft: most forgotten features

Structure blocks

In essence, these blocks can be used to copy structures in the game in a similar way to WorldEdit. Structure blocks in Minecraft are incredibly rare but have an amazing use. It’s an amazing tool for builders who make intricate, repetitive patterns. These blocks are only accessible through the /setblock and /give commands and cannot be found naturally in the game. Players can then copy, paste, and delete these structures at will.

 Furnace minecarts

Update 1.17 further enhances that fact, considering the newest snapshot shows minecarts can now go underwater. Furnace minecarts are so underrated in Minecraft, considering how useful they can be. Traveling over long distances in minecarts can be really taxing on resources. When trying to transport mobs in minecarts or masses of items in minecart chests, railways are probably the best bet. It takes six iron ingots to make a cluster of rails, and players will need a lot of gold to make powered rails. They run on coal, which is a lot more available than gold. This is where the furnace minecart comes in. Furnace minecarts can be used instead of powered rails to power carts.

Dying and washing leather armor

Dying leather armor is a really fun process, as players can fill their cauldron with dyed water and then transfer the color to their armor by right-clicking. At this point, most players skip the leather armor stage altogether and go straight for iron armor for practicality purposes. Dying and washing leather armor in Minecraft is one of those facts that is so old and the base game that many players don’t even remember it.

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