Minecraft Keyboard Controls (Basic To Advance)

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You are at the right place if you are in search of Minecraft Hotkeys (Minecraft Keyboard Shortcut Controls) that every beginner and pro player should know to play the game properly. In order to play Minecraft like a pro, keyboard shortcuts are the basic and most essential thing that you have to consider.

In this article I will be sharing all the Keyboard Shortcuts that can be used to control in-game characters and perform other activities, let it be crafting, jumping, moving, or fighting for everything there is a dedicated control in the game, and you can use it according to your convenience.

For this guide, you only need a keyboard and mouse because there are two gadgets by which the character and other activities will be performed. Now let us have a look at all the controls:


Minecraft Keyboard Controls

Here are all the keyboard shortcuts to use in Minecraft Game for controlling the characters and performing any functionalities.

Left ShiftSneak
Left ControlSprint
AMove Left
DMove Right
SMove Backward
WMove Forward
Left ClickAttack/Destroy
Middle ButtonPick Block
Right ClickUse Items/Place Block
QDrop Selected Item
1 to 9Hotbar Slot 1 to 9
EOpen/Close Inventory
FSwap Item With Offhand
XLoad Hotbar Activator
CSave Hotbar Activator
TabList Players
TOpen Chat
T or /Open Command
PShow Interactions Screen
F2Take Screenshot
F11Toggle Fullscreen
F5Toggle Perspective
ESCGame Menu
Press Space Twice QuicklyFly/Stop Fly
Hold SpaceFly Higher
Hold Left ShiftFly Lower
F3Toggle Debug Window

These are all the hotkeys used in the game by default, if I have missed any, or you have any suggestions please drop them in the below comments or let us know about it.

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