Minecraft Java Edition: Steps to download maps

There are thousands of maps built by some of the most amazing players and builders, and there is something for every player. Downloading Minecraft maps in the Minecraft Java Editionisn’t difficult at all, and if players have done it once, they can do so many times. Whether players are looking for an individual, one-off experience, or a map to play through with friends, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Downloading these maps, however, does take a little bit of time. Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition
Minecraft Java Edition


The first step to installing one of these fantastic Minecraft adventure maps is to find the one that the player wishes to pursue. One website that is popular amongst map users is minecraftmaps.com. Once the player has found the map they wish to install, they can download it to their computer. From there, they can proceed to the next step: installing it into their game drive.

Installation Overview

However, the process does differ slightly depending on whether the player uses a Mac or a Windows computer. Installation of Minecraft maps is fairly straightforward, regardless of the type of computer the player is using.  Both ways are relatively easy for anyone to understand and execute.

Extract the World

Once players have downloaded their chosen Minecraft map, they must extract the world from the file. World files usually come in either .zip or .rar formats. The former can be extracted immediately by the player, whereas .rar files cannot be extracted without external programs. These folders may not appear on the first page but, instead, within a folder entitled ‘your_save.’ Once those two folders are located, players must extract them to their desktop. If they find the folders within a ‘your_save’ folder, gamers can extract them onto their desktops.

Import it into Minecraft

The players have to relocate the ‘region’ and ‘level.dat’ folders into their .minecraft folder, found by opening the search bar and using this command:




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