Minecraft: How to make honey blocks

As the Minecraft game-play puts many new updated features for their players. Honey is one of the Minecraft blocks which the players use in the game-play. They have a wide range of uses in the game and can be crafted by using four honey bottles. Honey blocks are useful blocks in Minecraft that were added in Update 1.15. If you are a player of Minecraft, then this post will help you to raise your game-play. But, for this, you have to give your few minutes to his article. Minecraft: How to make honey blocks

Minecraft: How to make honey blocks

How players can craft Honey blocks

To obtain honey bottles, the player must right-click a glass bottle on a honey level 5 bee nests or beehive. The honey level of a hive or nest is increased when a bee exits the hive after pollinating. Beehives can be crafted with three honeycombs and 6 wood planks. The difference between bee nests and bee hives is that the former is naturally generated while the latter are crafted by the player. Honeycombs can be acquired in Minecraft by sharing a beehive or bee nest. If the player does not have any honeycombs to craft a beehive.

Bee nests are naturally found in Plains or Sunflower Plains with a 5% chance.

As well as in a Flower forest with a 2% chance in Java Edition and a 3% chance in Bedrock edition. Since bees will attack when the nest or hive is sheared, the player is advised to place a campfire under the block.

Which will prevent the bees from becoming angry. Players need to make sure that the beehive.

Or nest is at a honey level of 5 before they use the glass bottle on it. Nevertheless, it would be more efficient for players to craft a beehive so that they can have a supply of honeycombs at their base.

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