How To Make a Fence In Minecraft?

This tutorial is to guide you with the step-by-step procedure on How To Make a Fence In Minecraft, with screenshots. In Minecraft, you can keep Mobs in or out of your area by creating a fence. There are various ways to craft Fence, but we will be using the easiest crafting procedures.

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Required Materials For Fence

  • Fence Items
  • Fence Gate

How To Make Fence In Minecraft?

Step 1: Craft the sides of the Fence (we will be using Oak Fence)
Step 2: Bring them to hotbar and place in open area from all 4 sides

Step 3: Add Fence Gate in any side of the fence
Step 4: Use keyboard shortcut controls to open and close the fence gate

Congratulations on building a fence in Minecraft.

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This is the complete tutorial on How To Make a Fence In Minecraft. If you have any query or facing any issue, please let us know in the below comments.

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