Minecraft: Best uses of golden apples

The players of Minecraft would get to know about the Minecraft: Best uses of golden apples in the game-play, the regular golden apples are typically considered to be less valuable and can be easily crafted with 8 gold ingots.

Minecraft: Best uses of golden apples

Distracting Piglins

Players can obtain the “Oooh, shiny” achievement in Minecraft. Although not the cheapest option.

Golden apples are likely something that players will have on hand while traversing into the dangerous Nether.  By distracting an aggressive Piglin with something golden. Players can use golden apples for this, making them a great option for this achievement.


Golden apples are so powerful in PvP not just because of the mixture of strong absorption and regeneration effects. Golden apples are so important in PvP that they can often determine the winner of the battle right off the bat. Enchanted golden apples also provide fire resistance, which renders the massively popular Fire Aspect sword enchants completely useless. Players fighting against opponents who use golden apples are at a massive disadvantage if they also don’t have golden apples on hand.

Horse Taming

If this wasn’t enough, golden apples can also be used to speed up the growth of baby horses by an entire 4 minutes. However, one nifty trick that a lot of players might not know is that horses can be fed golden apples in order to improve their taming chances by 10%. Most players know how to breed and tame horses in Minecraft.

Banner Pattern

It can also be used in some niche builds in the game. This funky design actually represents the former logo for Mojang, which is the parent company of Minecraft. This fact is not quite Easter egg status, but it’s still interesting. Players can craft a banner with a pattern officially called “Banner Pattern Thing” by using an enchanted golden apple.

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