Minecraft: Best Redstone contraptions

Redstone allows these players to go absolutely wild; in this post, we are going to tell you guys about Minecraft: Best Redstone contraptions. Minecraft’s Redstone has an infinite skill ceiling. This means that the only limit to Redstone is the player’s creativity.

Minecraft: Best Redstone contraptions

Block Conveyor (14 BPS)

If players place a block on top of the Block of Iron, it will rapidly move at a speed of 14 blocks per second to the end of the contraption. The weird-looking contraption shown above is actually a conveyor belt for blocks. While 14 blocks per second are insane to think about.

Cinematic viewer

This can be done using command blocks. By setting multiple move points and a block to focus the camera on, the player will slowly move around the house while looking at it, providing a cinematic shot. As well as players should try imagining slowly circling around the house above in a cinematic fashion.

Ephemeral Redstone Maze (16×16)

The most wonderful part about this maze is that it is completely random, meaning no two people will get the same maze. As seen in this Reddit post by the creator, mad_hmpf, as well as players walk through the maze, walls will rise and drop, possibly disorienting them. While this ingenious Redstone contraption is a completely randomized maze that changes as the player traverses through it.

Wave Machine

Shown in action, this incredible machine works by launching Minecraft into the air using slime blocks. Of course, that is incredibly simplified and there is some other magic involved. As well as this mind-blowing, massive Redstone contraption will create a custom “wave” of Minecraft’s.

Infinitely expandable trapdoor

Using magic that couldn’t get closer to being explained here, this trapdoor opens and closes, and as well as it can be expanded to a massive scale. While this massive, infinitely expanding trapdoor can be an extremely useful build for Minecraft adventure map creators.

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