Minecraft: Best Bedrock seeds

In this post, we are going to tell you about Minecraft: Best Bedrock seeds, if you are a Minecraft player. Then this post would surely help you in your game-play.

Minecraft: Best Bedrock seeds

 Burning Mansion

Minecraft players who decide to check this seed out for themselves should keep their eyes peeled for evokers in the mansion. It is a miracle that the woodland mansion in this Minecraft seed is still standing as a portion of it is merged with a burning ruined portal. Under normal conditions, structures typically do not spawn into the game merged together. However, in the world of Minecraft, sometimes oddities such as this one can be found. These mobs are A tremendous source for totems of undying.

Cords: 2062, 73, 364

Seed: -1420349899

Platform: Bedrock

Monument Stronghold Combo

In this stronghold, the portal room has a completely exposed wall that looks out in the water. Fans of wacky generations and things that are insanely broken are in for a treat with this Minecraft seed. Minecraft players have the ability to easily explore two exceptional structures that are right next to each other. In this seed, players will be able to discover a very special stronghold located in the depths of an ocean. Walls of water in strongholds are quite rare, especially ones that have views like the one found in this seed. The water right across the stronghold is an entire ocean monument.

Cords: -2339, 49, -880

Seed: 812523019

Platform: Bedrock

Village, Outpost, Mansion, & Stronghold

Having all four of these major structures in one location is perfect for players looking to start a new survival adventure. This Minecraft seed is perfect for players who want direct access to a variety of different structures. Players will be able to gear up in the village and then conquer the remaining structures for their treasures. With this seed, players will be able to encounter a village, a woodland mansion, a pillager outpost, and a stronghold in one central location.

Cords: -1123, 83, -775

Platform: Bedrock

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