How To Make a Bed In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a bed is an important item that every player craft has to create in order to avoid mobs spawning and attacking you. But creating bed in Minecraft is a bit critical task for new Minecraft players, but after this tutorial you will be able to easily make and use bed in Minecraft.

But for creating bed you first of all you have to create crafting table in Minecraft, because after making crafting table we get extra spaces to build more items easily.

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What Are The Items Required For Bed?

The required recipe to create a bed in Minecraft are:

  • Crafting Table
  • Oak Planks
  • White Wool

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft?

Step 1: Create and Open Crafting table
Step 2: Get some Wool by finishing Sheep

Step 3: Open crating table > Right click by pointing towards it
Step 4: In the top line drag the White Wool and in the middle line drag Oak Planks
Step 5: The bed is ready > Drag the bed in Hotbar in order to use it

Step 6: Move the pointer where you want to place the bed > Right click to place the bed

Step 7: Walk to the bed by pointing towards it > Right click to sleep on it

Step 8: Here you also get the option to leave bed if you have completed your sleep

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By using a bed you set your respawn position, it means if you are getting killed by mobs or anything you will take birth near your bed to start your journey.

This is how you can make and use bed in Minecraft, if you have any query or suggestions about it please let us know in the below comments, so that I would help you with that issue.

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