Minecraft: 3 best games for PC and consoles

Minecraft is a very famous sandbox video game that is enjoyed by thousands of players all over the world. Minecraft is available across different platforms. If you are a player of Minecraft and want to change your game but which was similar to the game-play of Minecraft. Then you have to give a look at this post. The title has an exciting building, exploration, crafting, and survival elements that players love. Minecraft: 3 best games for PC and consoles

Minecraft: 3 best games for PC

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley also allows players to earn in-game money by selling crops and livestock. If players like to participate in activities like farming and gardening in Minecraft, they will surely like this title. Players can complete the bundles assigned to them and get rewards like seeds and tools that are needed for farming. This game allows players to live a quiet, small-town life and enjoy the simple joys of farming and gardening.


The simple graphics and soothing music helps players de-stress at the end of the day. This title has building, crafting, and exploration elements like Minecraft. Terraria also encourages survival elements as players will have to fight over 400 enemies, including giant worms, zombies, snow biome monsters, chimeras, etc. Players can craft various items and explore 20 biomes and mini-biomes that the action-adventure sandbox title offers.

LEGO Worlds

The characters of Minecraft and the Lego characters of this title have an uncanny resemblance. Players also can explore the world they have built. They can use a helicopter or a motorcycle to cruise around. The title is enjoyed by kids as it has good block-building mechanics, which allows players to build biomes with the Lego bricks provided. The sandbox game also allows its players to customize their appearance and outfits.

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