How To Make House In Minecraft

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This tutorial is the complete guide on How To Make a Shelter/House In the Minecraft game. In Minecraft, there are Mobs and other things that can harm you if you are not protecting yourself, and nothing could be better than living inside a safe shelter. Through this easiest tutorial, you will be able to make a safe shelter to keep yourself safe from mobs at night.

Materials To Make a Shelter

There are some essential items that are necessary to make a shelter in Minecraft. Those essential items are:

  • Pickaxe (To Mine)
  • Torches (For Light)
  • Door (To Come and Go Out)

How To Make a House In Minecraft?

At the beginning of the game, we don’t have many resources, which is sufficient to make a shelter. So we will be using the mountain to make a shelter by digging it.

Step 1: Dig into a mountain


Step 2: Build the entrance (with 2 blocks)


Step 3: Build the room


Step 4: Add torches to light up


Step 5: Add a Door


This is how you can easily make a protective shelter for yourself. If you have any queries about making shelter in Minecraft, please let us know in the below comments. The tutorial of all the items used for this tutorial is already available on our website, so you can check them out.

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