How To Make a Torch In Minecraft?

This is the full step-by-step tutorial on How To Make a Torch in Minecraft and use it for various purposes in the game. Torches provide lots of useful features to the player the first use of a torch is light source, which is used in various ways, mostly during mining.

Here are some of the uses for torch illuminating a base, Mining, Repeling Piglins, Jack o’Lantern, Lanterns. Now, let us know how to make a torch in Minecraft. There are two recipes to make a torch, you can use any of them depending upon the resources available to you.

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Materials Required For Torch

  • 1 Charcoal
  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Coal

How To Craft a Torch In Minecraft?

Step 1: Open a Crafting Table
Step 2: Add Recipe items (1 stick & 1 coal/1 stick & 1 charcoal)

Step 3: Move the torch to hotbar

Step 4: Pick a location and right click to place the torch

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This is how you can make a torch and use it to light up your village with a torch. You can make even more item such as Lantern in the game. If you have any query or facing any issue while crafting the torch, please let us know in the below comments.

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