How To Make A Door In Minecraft?

Door is an important item in Minecraft if you are building a shelter for yourself so that mobs can’t attack on you easily. In this article I will be sharing the easiest ways to make an oak door in Minecraft and also tell you how to use a door in Minecraft such as opening and closing of the door.

In Minecraft there are a variety of doors that can be crafted with the same recipe but with different items. Types of doors that you can craft in Minecraft are:

  • Oak Door
  • Spruce Door
  • Birch Door
  • Jungle Door
  • Acacia Door
  • Dark Oak Door
  • Iron Door
  • Crimson Door
  • Warped Door

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Oak Door Recipe

The recipe to make Oak Door is 6 Oak Planks, so first of all craft 6 Oak Planks and follow the below procedures.

How To Make Oak Door In Minecraft?

Step 1: Open Crafting table
Step 2: Arrange Oak Planks in the order mentioned in the below image

Arrange Oak Planks in the order

Step 3: Drag the Oak Door to hotbar

Drag the Oak Door to hotbar

Step 4: Point the plus sign where you want to place the door
Step 5: Use the Minecraft controls shortcut (Right Click) to place the door at that location

place the door

Step 6: To open or close the gate, move the crosshair on the door and Right Click to close or open it.

Right Click to close or open

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This is the complete tutorial about door in Minecraft, I’m hoping that I have taught you everything about door in Minecraft along with its usage and recipe. If you have any further query, please let us know in the below comments.

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