List of all changes in Minecraft Java Edition 21w13a Snapshot

In this post, we are going to tell you guys about the upcoming, List of all changes in Minecraft Java Edition 21w13a Snapshot. One of the biggest features that have been added to Minecraft with this Snapshot is goats. While the Axolotls and glow squids now spawn naturally in Minecraft Java Edition 21w13a Snapshot. While ore distribution and cave generation have also been tweaked.

List of all changes in Minecraft Java Edition 21w13a Snapshot

List of changes as per the patch notes

Cave Tweaks

Carvers are now less likely to be too flat to walk through.

Max length of pillars and chains found in cheese caves is increased.

Large cheese caves (mega caves) will generate more often

Other tweaks to make the cheese caves more varied and interesting.

Fewer toothpick pillars (one block thin).

New Trades and changes in Loot Table

Due to new cave blocks, players can get a new trade from masons. While mason villagers have trades related to stone blocks.

Masons will sell four dripstone blocks for one emerald.

Wandering traders also have some new trades.

  • Sells two rooted dirt for one emerald.
  • It sells two pointed dripstones for one emerald.
  • Sells two moss blocks for one emerald.

Loot table refers to different items that players can find inside loot chests. Mojang has also added new items to the loot table in Minecraft.

  • Glow berries can be found in Mineshaft mine cart chests.
  • Moss blocks can be found in shipwreck chests.

Ore Distribution Tweaks

Sometimes, larger diamond ore blobs will generate.

As well as somewhat more Iron ores.

Powdered Snow

  • Powder snow’s durability/hardness was slightly increased.
  • While they increase vertical movement speed within Powder Snow.
  • Strays, Polar Bears, and Snow Golems are now immune to freezing.
  • Mobs now shake when they are fully frozen.
  • Freeze time has decreased to 7 seconds and hurt frequency has decreased to 2 seconds.
  • Skeletons converting to strays now only require the 7 seconds it takes for an entity to be fully frozen to begin converting, instead of the 30 seconds it took before.
  • Lastly the Leather horse armor now protects horses from freeze damage.

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