Judgment Ironface bundle in Free Fire

Hello friends we are talking about the top new bundle of the free-fire yes friends we are talking about the Judgment Ironface bundle of the free-fire guys. so what are you waiting for friends without wasting the time let’s start the article and let us get known about the all about of this new bundle friends.

Judgment Ironface bundle
Judgment Ironface bundle

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bundle in Free Fire

The bundle also contains a Neolithic top, bottom, mask, and shoes. Similarly, the top, bottom, mask, and shoes for the Paleolithic set are included in the bundle as separate items.

While the magic cube can be used for redeeming exchangeable sets from the exchange menu. As well as the cube fragments can be used in exchange for a magic cube. One hundred such cube fragments are required to claim a single magic cube.

While there are bonus rewards for spinning multiple times in the bundle. The rewards for total spins are:

  • 1 Spin: 3 tokens
  • 5 Spins: Cube fragment, three tokens, fragment crate
  • 10 Spins: Cube fragment, ten tokens, five resupply map
  • 25 Spins: cube fragment, ten tokens, five summon airdrops
  • 50 Spins: Cube fragment, 20 tokens, five pet foods

The bundle can be obtained by spending diamonds or vouchers for spinning. Six hundred diamonds or ten vouchers will provide 10+1 spins for the bundle. As well as with each spin, players will get their lucky counter to increase, providing a better chance to obtain the grand prize. Upon receiving the grand prize, the lucky counter will be reset to zero.

The Judgement Ironface bundle is available to spin for the next 20 days in Free Fire. and more freinds you get

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