Jio and Rooter Join Forces to Revolutionize Gaming and Esports Streaming in India 2023

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In a significant development for the Indian gaming and esports industry, Rooter, an online game streaming and esports content platform, has joined forces with Reliance Jio, one of the country’s leading telecommunications providers. The partnership aims to bring curated, high-quality gaming and esports content to millions of Jio Set-Top Box (JioSTB) users, making Rooter the first app of its kind to feature on the JioStore ecosystem.

By integrating with the JioSTB, Rooter opens up new avenues for gamers and esports enthusiasts to access their favorite content directly on their home TVs. Subscribers of Jio Fiber, which has quickly gained a significant share of India’s home broadband market since its launch in September last year, will be able to download Rooter from the JioStore. This move is expected to further boost Rooter’s user base by tapping into the vast pool of Jio Fiber subscribers.

Jio and Rooter Join Forces
Jio and Rooter Join Forces

According to recent reports, the JioSTB has managed to capture 50 percent of India’s home broadband market. Furthermore, as of January 2023, the average daily user engagement for the Jio Set-Top Box surpassed an impressive six hours. These statistics reflect the growing demand for engaging digital content among Indian consumers.

Dipesh Agarwal, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rooter, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “As one of India’s fastest-growing broadband services, JioFiber has captured a significant share of the domestic home broadband market and is driving data and content consumption across the country.”

Agarwal added, “Our goal, at Rooter, is to drive India’s nascent gaming revolution as the de-facto game streaming and esports platform.” With this partnership, Rooter aims to leverage Jio’s extensive reach and establish itself as the go-to platform for gaming and esports content in India.

Jio and Rooter Join Forces
Jio and Rooter Join Forces

Rooter already boasts an impressive user base of over 60 million, with more than one million creators sharing their content on the platform. The app supports content in over 10 Indian languages, catering to a diverse audience. By collaborating with Jio, Rooter hopes to expand its reach even further and offer its content to a wider demographic.

Esports has been rapidly gaining popularity in India, with a growing number of gamers and enthusiasts turning to online platforms for entertainment. The partnership between Rooter and Jio is expected to fuel the growth of the esports industry in the country by providing easy access to gaming content on television screens.

This collaboration also presents a significant opportunity for esports teams and gaming content creators associated with Rooter. They will now have access to a larger audience, thanks to Jio’s extensive subscriber base. This exposure can help them gain recognition and build their careers in the competitive gaming industry.

As the Indian gaming and esports market continues to evolve, partnerships like this one between Rooter and Jio will play a crucial role in shaping the industry’s future. By bringing gaming and esports content directly to users’ living rooms, the collaboration aims to enhance the overall gaming experience and solidify India’s position as a prominent player in the global esports arena.

With Rooter’s focus on driving the gaming revolution in India and Jio’s commitment to delivering high-quality digital services, this partnership is poised to create new opportunities and experiences for gamers and esports enthusiasts across the country.

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