hello friends here in this video i am going to tell you the best free fire player who is also the most rich player of the indian free fire servers yes frind i am talking about the leader of the BOSS guild where all the free fire players want to join but they cant. the leader or admin of the BOSS guild was jigs jigar. so lets start the article and see all that and one more thing for you friends if you are new in free fire and wants to get premium things on your id then suscribe the website because we provide perday 500 daimonds giveaway. yes friends so please stay tuned with us. and lest see the free fire id of the richest player jigs or jigar.

JIGS: Free Fire ID

JIGS’ real name and Free Fire ID JIGS’ real name is Jigar Patel and his Free Fire ID is 497887030. 

Lifetime stats

JIGS has taken part in 10,594 squad matches and has come out on top in 4,174 of them, having a win percentage of 39.39%. He has registered 33,365 kills for a K/D ratio of 5.20.

He has played relatively fewer solo and duo matches. The YouTuber has featured in 174 duo matches and has got better of his foes on 38 occasions while maintaining a K/D ratio of 3.15

He also has 9 Booyahs in 84 solo matches which gives him a win rate of 10.71%. With a K/D ratio of 1.41, JIGS has just over 100 kills to his name in this mode.

His YouTube channel

JIGS recently started a YouTube channel named JIGS OFFICIAL. He started creating content a few months ago and since then has uploaded a total of 22 videos. Currently, he has a subscriber count of over 661K and has over 16.9 million views. 

Click here to visit his YouTube channel.



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