In early September, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had banned 118 apps and games. The second wave of the ban had the name of one of the most prominent battle royale titles – PUBG Mobile will return tomorrow

It came in like a bolt from the blue and left the players shocked. The title had its share of highs and lows in 2020. 

pubg will return tomorrow
pubg will return tomorrow

After the ban was imposed, the players had their fingers crossed for the game’s arrival in the country. Soon after, there were speculations and reports about a partnership between PUBG Corporation and other companies.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of talk around the popular battle royale title. A few days prior, some of the professional players had hinted that an announcement regarding.

The revival of the game in the country could be expected by Diwali. 

In the second series of tweets and posts, several professional PUBG Mobile players.

Have hinted that the game’s arrival could soon be on the cards. An announcement could also be expected shortly.

PUBG Mobile India pros drop hints of the game’s return

Here are some tweets by players that directly or indirectly hint about the game’s return in the country.

Dynamo: PUBGM content creator

Haan bhai,,, kya haaal hain..? Taiyaar ho yaa nahi 🔥 🔫 💣Dynamo Gaming (@Aadii_Sawant)

Jonathan: PUBG Mobile pro for TSM Entity

Something’s cooking!
Live Stream begins from Tomorrow Full TapaTap. Are u guys Excited?— Jonathan Amaral

These tweets have undoubtedly raised the hopes of players as they indicate that something big is underway.

Earlier, there were reports that an advertisement featuring several professional.

Players along with a Bollywood actor was being shot for the reintroduction of PUBG Mobile in the country.

so guys are you excited for tomorrow comment me if you are interested or not comment me.

I am too much excited



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