India’s top Pro Players of free fire in 2021

Pro Players of free
Pro Players of free


Raistar is one of the most popular faces in the community of Free Fire in India. He is best known for his unbelievable speed in the Free Fire game. It is believed that he is so good that to the point that many people imagined him cheating software. He is best known for his speed that makes him a fearsome opponent in close-range combats that is because of his accurate aim and quick movement. He is also considered as the silent killer deadly with a sniper rifle who can finish his target with a headshot without missing from far away. His headshot ratio is 63% and is known for his ability to fight in mid-range combats. Pro Players of free fire

Nayeem Alam

 Nayeem Alam is definitely considered as one of the greatest and experienced Free Fire players when talking about the number of games he has played to date. Notice that his principle mode in the list of modes is the Squad mode. Nayeem Alam has played more than 1,000 Squad games each and every season. While he played a lot of Squad games, he doesn’t play Solo and Duo very much. He has won about 3000 matches and 53,000 kills, in a total of about 13,000 Squad matches played. His overall win rate is 23.26% and his K/D ratio is 5.53. However, he has only played 1,768 Duo matches and won a total of 408 matches and played 1,138 Solo matches, winning 161. Here is the Nayeem Alam’s Free Fire ID- 206923045.

Rakesh00007 –

 This player is also considered as one of the best players in free Fire games. Also, he is one of the members of the BOSS guild. He has totally played 19,116 Squad games out of which he has won 5,945 games. And by estimating the total, the win rate is 31.09%. In Squad mode he has scored a total of 85883 kills in total which makes up for a ratio of 6.52. Also, notice that his weakest game mode is the Dou mode in which his win rate is only 16.39% win rate and the ratio is 3.99 K/D. Know that this player has a total of 600 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

TSG Jash 

At the number 1 spot, we have TSG Jash with his incredible Gaming skills. He is the leader of a guild Two-Side Gamers. He is also one of the best players in the world. With his game sense and skills, he can reach the Heroic tier in Ranked Matches with ease in every season. He along with his friend TSG Ritik, who is also a great player own a YouTube Channel named Two Side Gamers. Together they have over 

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a popular personality in the Indian Gaming community. This guy doesn’t need an introduction. He has a YouTube channel named Sudip Sarkar, which are currently 768K subscribers. He is good at taking close-range combats and thanks to his speed. However, you can find his gameplay with much high difference out of all in the community.

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