In Free Fire Who have better stats Sooneeta vs.Vincenzo

Free Fire Who Have Better Stats between Sooneeta Vs. Vincenzo they both are good players with the good fan following in youtube so let us know who is better then whom.

Sooneeta ID stats in Free Fire

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID was (131311296) and her name in the game was – TL-SOONEETA.

Lifetime stats of sooneeta in free fire

Sooneeta played and participated in 16730 squad matches and booyah in 3977 games, which means the wining rate of sooneeta, was 23.77%. She killed 37253 players. And she has also an impressive K/D of 2.92. % which was really very good?

Free Fire Who Have Better Stats
Free Fire Who Have Better Stats

She has played 1830 games in the duo matches and has 284 booyah’s, in which she kills 3272 players and maintains the win rate of 15.51%, which was really great. Apart from this she also has a good K/D of 2.12. %

And in solo matches sooneta have also 61 Booyah’s in 853 solo matches with a win percentage of 7.15%. In this process, she has killed 1315 players. And with a K/D of 1.66. %

 And in The Ranked Season 18 begins just yesterday, and she played 28 squad matches, and she has booyah 13 matches and 91 kills against for a fantastic K/D ratio of 6.07.

Vincenzo’s ID and stats in Free Fire

The Free Fire ID number of Vincenzo’s was 437144862 and his -game name was LE VINCENZO.

Vincenzo played 18339 squad games, and getting 3313 incredible booyah’s, which come down to the win rate of 18.06%. With the unbelievable 66837 kills, and he has managed an incredible K/D rate of 4.45. %

Free Fire Who Have Better Stats

And he has played 1706 duo matches and he booyah’s 298 games with the win percentage of 17.46%. Vincenzo also has secured 4993 kills for an amazing K/D ratio of 3.55.

Apart from this, VINCENZO booyah 100 solo games from 1127 matches, translating to a win rate of 8.87%. He has also killed 2813 players and has a K/D ratio of 2.74. %

Ranked stats

Vincenzo has played 25 squad games in the Ranked Season 18. He has booyah in two matches with a win percentage of 8%, also accumulating 110 kills at a great  K/D of 4.78.%

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