Hydra Esports New BGMI Lineup Revealed?

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Since the launch of BGMI, Hydra Esports was seen having a hard time to sustain in the community.  From falling lineups to securing the last spot in the points table, Hydra Esports constantly was tumbling apart. However, in a recent stream, Aditya ” Dynamo ” Sawant, the owner of Hydra Esports provided a glimpse of satisfaction to their fans by stating that ” Hydra will soon be seen as the Top teams in India this time, and you can see Hydra in BGIS Season 2 “. 


Hydra Esports is undergoing multiple player transformations. Dynamo confirmed that there would be an addition of new and old players, and the final roster would significantly impact the current scene of the game. Through his words, we can confidently say that Hydra would come back with a stronger-than-before lineup which will shock the audience as well as the opponent team.


Hrshav Kumar, a former Hydra Esports player and prominent content creator affiliated with Hydra Esports gave a peek into Hydra’s lineup during a live stream. He publicised that Secrett and Jaxon are no longer a part of Hydra, this sudden move made many fans astonished. He even said that there might be a possibility that Hydra Esports would work together with other renowned organisations to establish a never seen lineup. We can also confirm this as we have seen players of Hydra playing with other players in tournaments. After a departure from Hydra, Secrett announced his new joining into a team, namely ” Entity Gaming “. 

Hrishav, also noted that Hydra has engaged with many other lineups, exploring a bunch of different options. However, there have been no official signings yet. Adding to it, he even said that there were four to five orgs that approached them, and there are many more important discussions going on.

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