How you can register yourself for Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server?

Hello, friends here we can see the Free Fire OB26 update which was released in February, in this free fire bringing a large variety of new features for the players to enjoy more free fire. but Before this new update was forced out, the all features are tried and tested out by the developers in their Advance Server. Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server

But if you want to get registered yourself then you have to wait for some time The registrations for the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server commenced recently, and players have an opportunity to test out all the new features before they are added to the final update.

Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server
Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server

NOTE: you can get step-by-step details of the advanced server in this article.

And also know how players can register for the upcoming Free Fire Advance Server.

Advance Server website: Click here

How can players register for Free Fire OB27 Advance Server?

Players can follow the steps given below to register for the upcoming Free Fire Advance Server:

  • Step 1: Players have to visit the Free Fire Advance Server website. They can use the link provided below to do so: Free Fire Advance Server website: Click here
  • Step 2: They should then log in using their Facebook account in order to register for the OB27 Advanced Server.
  • Step 3: Next, players have to enter all the necessary details into the text field and tap on the “Join Now” option.
  • point/Step 4: Once the registration process is completed, players can download the APK file of the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server from the official website. This can only be done after it is made available on April 1, 2021.
  • While the developers haven’t announced the start date or the end date of the Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server.
  • However, players will likely be able to access it soon after the APK file download has been made available.

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