How To Sit Out In Fortnite?

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you How to sit out in Fortnite. Fortnite has given us an option to take rest while being in the team and rejoin the squad once you are read. The feature is called sit out. Suppose you are playing the game from a long time, and now you want break for few minutes, then you can enable this option and let other squad members continue the game without you.

You can start playing again once you are ready. If you are ready, but they are in a game, then you can also chat and know the number of remaining players in the game. Some people prefer closing the game, whereas a few like to sit out and rejoin once they are ready for the match.

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How To Sit Out In Fortnite?

Step 1: Click on Menu side panel
Step 2: Click on your profile picture
Step 3: Click on participation to enable “Sitting Out
Step 4: Click again on participation to enable “Playing“, when you are ready
Step 5: This is how you can Sit out in Fortnite

Here is quick video tutorial that will help you know how to sit out in Fortnite on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch, Android, PS4, and PS5. It includes a detailed information so that you don’t need to worry about any confusion

If sitting out is enabled, you won’t be in the match, but you can still talk to your teammates and know the situation of the game. This feature can be used only when you are in a team, otherwise this feature will not work.

That’s all about How To Sit Out In Fortnite. If you are facing any issue while enabling this option or entering the match back again, please watch this video and reread the article, as I have discussed everything about it in details.

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