How To Set Spawn Point In Minecraft

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This is the complete tutorial on How To Set Your Spawn Point In Minecraft, with the full procedure. If you don’t know how to respawn at our own desired location in Minecraft, then follow this complete article.

What Is Spawn Point In Minecraft?

When you die or finished by any mobs, you respawn in the world again, and the place where you respawn after die is called the Spawn Point.


There are two ways to respawn at our desired, one is by sleeping in a bed and the second one is by using Minecraft Commands. Commands become a little tricky, that’s why we will be using the first methods, that’s by sleeping on bed.

You can sleep on multiple beds, but the respawn point will be automatically set to the last bed you have used.

Note: You can’t sleep in during the day, so you have to wait for the night.

How To Set Spawn Point In Minecraft?

Step 1: Craft and Place a bed (where you want to set respawn point)
Step 2: Sleep on the bed (at night)


Step 3: Click on Leave Bed when you are sleeping if you want to change respawn (you will return to the world in the night itself)
Do it quickly otherwise the sun will rise


Step 4: Now you can again place the bed at a different location to set it as respawn point

This is how you can set your respawn location in Minecraft. If you don’t want to wait for night, there is also a command to change day into night, and then it can be used to set respawn location.

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