How to reach Heroic tier Quickly in Free Fire

Everyone wants to know How to reach Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire. And we all know that every free fire player wants to go on heroic in every season. It is a matter of pride that if you are a free-fire player and you have pushed your rank up to the heroic. this is also the dream of all the free fire players and lovers.

But to push the rank on free fire up to heroic is too much difficult because when. You are going to push your rank in Garena. You see the players come as your opponents were too much pro. So push a rank at that time is become very difficult.

free fire rank push How to reach Heroic tier Quickly in Free Fire

Here are some tips how to reach Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire?

#1 chose the right character

We all know that in the free-fire the ability of different characters is different from each other so you have to choose the character whose abilities are as heal fast, eat mushrooms fast, fast HP gainer, fast runner, good aimer. And the best characters you have to chose in a rank match are DJ Alok and woo Kong, etc. You have to hose those types of characters.

#2 Play with your friends

The most important thing is that you would have always played with your friends. Because if you are playing with your friends. You have a trust that if you are damaged by enemy then definitely your fiend will come and helps you.

On survival. And if you are playing with you’re continuously both you and your friend will go to well known about your pros and cons.

#2 Play with your friends free fire

# does not rush in the game

While playing the Ranked mode, you must find the right balance between rushing and playing safe. And if you want to rush gameplay then you have to find the right time when you have to rush on your opponents.

If you kill 6 people in a rank match and die then your Rank will definitely increase but not that much. but if you survive at last zone on the game and come in top 5 then your rank will increase too much then that.

So if you want to push your rank then survive on the match and find the right time when you have to rush on your opponents. 


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