How to reach Heroic fastly

hello friends we all know that in the free-fire the rank and the costume are matters too much if you are in the grandmaster than you are considered as a pro player yes friends and as same as if you are in the heroic you considered as pro players there are many players who want to go in the heroic in the all seasons but they can’t so here I come with the new ideas and strategies how to get on the heroic fast. or How to reach Heroic fastly

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 How to reach Heroic fastly
How to reach Heroic fastly

Choice of characters

Characters in Free Fire have become an integral part due to the abilities/skills that they possess. Therefore, the choice of characters can play a vital role if users wish to push their ranks quickly.

Gamers can choose characters based on their playing style. For example, Jai is a viable option for those who prefer rush gameplay due to his ability – Raging Reload.

Time of the push

The timing of the push can also help users push their ranks quicker. In the earlier stages of the season, they are likely to face less competition. The current ranked season is set to conclude on 23rd December, so gamers can start pushing their ranks up soon after it ends, and the new season begins.

Staying alive

This might be stating the obvious, but the duration of survival plays a role in earning points. Users are rewarded RP upon the match’s conclusion based on various factors, survival time being one of them. Hence, it is recommended that they stay alive and try playing passively as long as possible.



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