How to play, rules, format: Cops vs. Robbers mode in Among Us

As the players of Among Us know that the game has always added new updates and modes in the game-play, similarly, the game has added the new Cops vs. Robbers mode in the game-play for the players. So, if you want to know about you guys’ play, the rules, and the format of the mode, you can check all these in this post. While with the help of this post the players easily understand the new mode features, as this mode was widely loved by the players of Among Us. Robbers mode in Among Us

Robbers mode in Among Us
Robbers mode in Among Us
  • Crewmates shall know and be well aware of who the cop is in the game after the game starts.
  • Before the game starts, the cop shall stand still and give a countdown of 20 seconds in the starting point of the lobby, and Crewmates are supposed to utilize those few seconds for a head start to run away as much as possible from the cop.
  • As well as the Impostor will be the cop who will catch the robbers or the Crewmates.
  • Crewmates can not complete tasks during the countdown given by the cop.
  • No sabotaging is allowed on the map.
  • No Emergency Meetings can be called in-game.
  • Crewmates need to finish all their tasks to win the game before the cop catches/kills the entire crew of robbers.
  • Dead bodies in the game can’t be reported.
  • Cops can also catch robbers and put them in jail. The jail must be a specific area on the map. (E.g., Admin)
  • Crewmates can bail only one robber at a time from the jail.

Now, after the rules, specific necessary tweaks are to be made in the in-game settings:


  • Crewmate Vision – 2x
  • Impostor Vision – 0.25x
  • Kill Distance – Medium
  • Visual Tasks – Off
  • Common tasks – 2
  • Short tasks – 3
  • Player Speed – 1.5x
  • Kill Cooldown – 120 seconds
  • Long tasks – 2



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