How to Play Pubg mobile Lite on PC | Gameloop Emulator

After the ban of pubg mobile lot of people started turning towards pubg mobile lite. As the pubg mobile lite is the lighter version of pubg mobile you can play this on low end Pc Really easily.

How to play Pubg Mobile Lite on Pc? Pubg mobile lite pc Tencent gaming buddy

There are lot of method through which you can play it on Pc. They already have emulator for Pubg mobile lite pc Tencent gaming buddy. You can use that as well but also others. Because Tencent is A Chinese Company and due to the ban on chinese apps and products. I recommend you to not use it for anything. Use one of the following they are safe to use and not under ban due to government of India.

Pubg mobile lite pc tencent gaming buddy gameloop emulator

#1 Gameloop Emulator

Emulator made by Gameloop is easy to Install and you can use to play other games as well. They are kind of the official emulator for Pubg Mobile lite. The game is optimised well to play on this emulator on high speed and graphics.

Just go to the google and search for Gameloop emulator or just click here. You can Download the size of the Emulator is just around 9Mb. You can easily install it in One click after you download. Pubg Mobile Lite would be already on it if not just download it from the play store on Emulator and start the game. Alternative for Pubg mobile lite pc tencent gaming buddy.

Setup controls on Gameloop Emulator

The buttons need to be set in order to play the game using keyboard. So, Just Go to settings in the navigation menu of the emulator. Therefore, Go to your controls and add buttons over the Pubg mobile lite overlay. Put all the movement buttons perfectly like crouch and prone buttons. Similarly put in scope button as right click and fire as left click. Similarly put peek as Letter Q and E. Put reload as R and enter and exit car or door as F. Health increase as H and and throwables as V and throw as left click. Swap gun using scroll wheel or number on top. Lastly can setup the other button as you like using keys beside WASD.


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