How to Play PUBG and get the chicken dinner every time?

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to discuss the tips by using that you can definitely get the Chicken dinner. the players of PUBG always try to win their game to make their PUBG id more pro. but we all know that to win the PUBG is not that Much easy because there are many pro players are in the pubg so here w take some of the tips that can help you to get the chicken dinner.

Play PUBG and get the chicken dinner
Play PUBG and get the chicken dinner

Heal up: Again and again

if you are the last one left from your squad, players need to ensure their health is always up to the mark. Lapses in this aspect can cost players the entire game. While your hide-out, waiting for your enemy to make that much-awaited move, make sure you are completely on track on the health front.


Looting is the grind, find that gear, keep your eyes peeled, and noise to a minimum. Keep doors to buildings closed behind you, move systematically between buildings making sure you do not miss a room. Loot spawns randomly to some degree, you may think of ignoring that shed out back, it only ever has rubbish in it, you just missed an LVL 3 vest. When looting quickly learn to tab loot. It is much much faster to drag and drop into your inventory than to press F on every item on the floor, especially if you are after 1 item amongst 7 other items. When dropping with multiple enemies, on the roof of school or military buildings, the fastest looter will generally win.

Calm doesn’t be nerves

As players go from top 20 to top 15, to top 10, the anxiousness and nerves begin to set in. This is where most players get the better of themselves and make one wrong move that costs them the game. To avoid this situation, make sure you find a good hiding spot. And take a couple of seconds to think about your final plan of action.

Try custom rooms to improve quicker

The best way to improve is to play against tougher opponents. While you can rely on the in-game matchmaking for this, not every game will be as challenging for your skill level. One of the Indian scene’s oldest commentators, Ketan ‘K18’ Patel suggests playing in custom rooms. Having been part of the rosters of Entity Gaming and 8bit, K18 says he actually got his first break when hosting custom rooms. He says custom rooms are far more competitive and vastly different from a matchmaking lobby.

never be the Rusher

yes freinds if you try to rush on your enemies then there is highs chance tat you can killed by that group so always play safe to win the game it will help you a lot .

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