How to play GTA 5 legally by mirroring through Steam Link and PS Remote Play

The title is still quite prevalent and has a massive player base, considering it was released seven years back. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most iconic games series, and GTA 5 is its latest installment. However, GTA 5 is yet to be released on the mobile platform. However, users can use applications like Steam Link and PS Remote Play to mirror the title on their smartphones. Many games from the series are available on various platforms, including Windows, consoles, and even mobile devices. Players who want to mirror through the steam links and PS remote play, have to give a look to this post. play GTA 5 legally

play GTA 5 legally
play GTA 5 legally

Steam Link

The players of GTA 5 can follow these steps to mirror and play GTA 5:

  • They have to first download the Steam Link application:
  • They must pair the mobile to the Steam app and click the ‘Start Playing’ button.
  •  The screen will then transition to the Big Picture Mode, and the content will start getting mirrored on the phone.
  •  Users can select GTA 5 from the Steam Library and click the ‘Play’ button.

PS Remote Play

  •  Gamers have to download the ‘PS Remote Play’ application.
  • They must enable the ‘Enable Remote Play’ option by following these steps: Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Enable Remote Play.
  • They can log in to their PS4 accounts on the device, and click the ‘Start’ button.
  • The device will automatically connect to their PS4, and the screen will get mirrored. In case the device doesn’t get connected, players can manually register their device by following these steps: Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Add device.

Using the above steps, those players who want to play the game of GTA 5 through mirroring will easily play the game. As this post has conatined all the steps by which a player can easily mirro their game-play through PS remote or steam link also.



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